Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7th - April 13th

Warm up: 1 mile @ 6mph
1000 Rep Workout
100 bicep curls
100 overhead Tricep extensions
100 overhead shoulder press
100 push ups
100 glute bridge
100 squats on Bosu
100 reverse crunch
100 bicycle w/ plate extension
100 Tricep row
100 second plank

5 miles @ 9:27/mi with Jamie & Celia

Bench press (75 lbs)
Dumbbell Deadlift (60 lbs)
Pull down (130 lbs)
Reverse grip pull down (130 lbs)

3x8 Assisted pull up (70 lbs)
3x15 Kettlebell swings
3x50 Mountain climbers
3x8 Pec fly (40, 25 lbs)

8 mile bike ride
30 minutes RPM

1000m swim
15 mile bike ride pulling kids in trailer

Warm Up: 1 mile @ 6mph

Wide stance leg press (230 lbs)
Narrow stance leg press (230 lbs)
Step Ups w/bar (10 each side/45 lbs)

Squats (95 lbs)
Squat Jumps

Hamstring curls (55 lbs)
Curtsy lunge
Leg extension (70 lbs)
Calf raises (30 lbs)

3 mile run @ 9:30/mile, then 4 mile run with Jamie @ 9:45/mile

Warm up: 1 mile @ 6mph
Body Pump Express

5 mile run @ 9:55/mile pushing boys in jogging stroller

12 mile run @ 9:49/mile with Jamie

Total miles for week: 32
Total miles for 2014: 174.5

Favorite workout of the week:  Thursday's solo 3 miles followed by 4 with Jamie.  Made me realize that marathon training while Andy is deployed is possible!

Least favorite workout of the week:  The last 2 miles of our 15 mile bike ride on Wednesday, so many hills and such tired legs!!! I wanted to lay down on the side of the trail and take a nap.

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