Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24th - March 30th

Warm Up: 1 mile @ 6mph

3 rounds:
15 (each arm) cross body curls
15 Tricep extensions (55 lbs)
15 Push ups
60 second plank

3 rounds:
15 assisted pull ups
15 dips
15 push ups on the Bosu 
60 second plank

Lateral shoulder raise
Front shoulder raise
Overhead press

Bridge w/10 lb plate
Plate lifts
Bicycle extensions w/10 lb plate

5 mile run at 9:45/mi pace with Jamie on river trail to Credit Island

3x10 Bench press (65 lbs)
3x10 Deadlift (95 lbs)
3x10 Good Mornings (45 lbs)
3x10 Rows (65 lbs)
3x10 Pull downs (115 lbs)
3x10 Reverse grip pull downs (115 lbs)
3x20 Push ups

3 miles speedwork (on treadmill)

30 minutes Les Mills RPM

Swim 40 minutes
Yogify Quick & Dirty 30

Warm Up: 1 mile run @ 6 mph

15 Wide stance leg press (230 lbs)
15 Narrow stance leg press (230 lbs)
10 Step Up w/ 45 lb bar (10 each leg)
15 Calf raises
15 Dumbbell deadlift (60 lbs)

Single leg lunges off step (10 each leg)
15 Leg extensions (70 lbs)
15 Squat Jumps

60 seconds mountain climbers
60 second hover
30 second single leg hover (repeat each side)

5 mile run @ 9:40 with Jamie at Rock Island Arsenal

Warm up: 1 mile @ 6 mph
30 min body pump express

4 miles @ 10:20 pace (on treadmill)

10 miles @ 10:02/mi pace (From Eastern through the dead zone in Bettendorf)
10 mile bike ride pulling kids in trailer

Total miles for the week: 30
Total miles for 2014: 111

Favorite workout of the week:  Definitely pulling the kids in the bike trailer!  So much fun to finally all go outside and enjoy nice weather!

Least favorite workout of the week:  Saturday's run.  It was a treadmill run and it was supposed to be an easy pace but I felt off and it was way harder than it should have been!

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