Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 17th - March 23rd

Warm Up: 1 mile run @ 6mph

15 bicep curls (12.5 lbs)
15 overhead tricep extensions (25 lbs)
60 seconds mountain climbers

15 hammer curls (10 lbs)
15 overhead shoulder presses (10 lbs)
60 seconds burpees

15 pulldowns (100 lbs)
15 reverse grip pulldowns (100 lbs)
60 seconds inchworm/push up combo

6 assisted pull ups
6 assisted dips
10 push ups

120 second plank

Warm Up: 1 mile @ 6mph

Back & Chest
Bench Press (65 lbs)
Deadlift (65 lbs)
Hang Clean (65 lbs)
Good Mornings (45 lbs)
Dumbbell Press (20 lbs)
Dumbbell Row (30 lbs)

3 miles interval speedwork

Warm Up: 1 mile run @ 6mph

Leg Extension 3x12 (55 lbs)
Hamstring Curl 3x12 (50 lbs)
Wide Stance Leg Press 3x12 (180 lbs)
Narrow Stance Leg Press 3x12 (180 lbs)
Step Ups with 45 lb bar 3x20 (10 each leg)
Squats 3x12 (95 lbs)
Squat Jumps 3x15

4 miles @ 9:38/mile with Becca & Jamie

Yogify 45 minute intermediate flow w/ Jenna

6 mile run at Rock Island Arsenal 58:21 9:43/mile pace with Becca, Jamie, and Heather

Warm Up: 1 mile run @ 6mph
30 minute BodyPump Express

8 mile run with Celia at 10:15/mile 
Yoga for runners workshop


Favorite workout of the week: Thursdays 6 mile at Rock Island Arsenal, not only is it a beautiful place to run along the Mississippi, but we set out for 5 and ended up adding in one more mile at the end.

Least favorite:  Maybe the yoga workshop?  I had higher expectations for it.  We focused more on relaxing flow and resting poses, I would have liked more diagnostic/strengthening information.

Total miles for the week: 24
Total miles for 2014: 81

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