Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chicago Women's Half Marathon

Last Friday we loaded up our entire house and headed for Chicago. Seriously, traveling with two kids requires so much paraphernalia! Strollers, pack n play, toys, etc. We stopped at the Shedd aquarium on our way into the city & Laithe had a blast. We checked in to the Hard Rock Hotel and headed out to eat dinner at Rainforest Cafe...because Laithe would not allow us to eat anywhere else. 

After dinner we made the 4 mile round trip trek to Fleet Feet in Old Town for packet pickup. Last year we got a yoga mat, this year a headband (which I'm loving!)

On Saturday morning my mom & sister joined us and we headed out to lunch at the Hard Rock. 
After lunch they went shopping and we took the kids to Navy Pier. We rode the Ferris wheel & Laithe went on a few other rides. We walked around while finishing off a snow cone, then headed back to the hotel to get some rest before dinner. 
We grabbed pizza for dinner and I attempted to eat all the food in the world. Carb loading? Haha.

Sunday morning I got up at 4:30 & attempted not to wake up everyone! After getting ready I headed out to Grant Park to meet Cecilia at 5:30.  
We look pretty chipper for such an early morning! We lined up in the corral at about 6:15 & the race started right on time at 6:30.  I'm so glad the race started early, it was already getting warm. I felt good heading out and I never really hit a wall. As it got warmer I did slow down a little, especially miles 8 & 9 which were on the lake front in direct sunlight! I drank water or Gatorade at every aid station and on the second half of the course I drank 2 waters at each station. It was getting HOT! I was so thankful for the random aid station at 12.5, it definitely helped me finish the race! I set a new PR. 
An 8 minute improvement from 6 weeks ago, I hit my goal of 2:20 & I feel like I definitely could have came in under 2:15 if it wouldn't have been so hot.

Overall, I really enjoyed this race. Fleet Feet did a great job addressing bottle necking and overcrowding that happened last year. Once again the medal was beautiful! 
After the race we grabbed breakfast & then headed out to the beach-
After the beach we ate Sprinkles cupcakes and went to dinner. We ended the night with a carriage ride (while mom watched Kai in the room)

We had a great trip & I'm so happy my mom & sister were able to join us! I hope that we still live in Iowa next year so that I'm able to make it to this race again!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Months...while in Chicago's been a while!
I haven't blogged for a month.

We went to Chicago over the weekend for the Chicago Women's Half Marathon.  While we were there Kai turned 5 months!

Clothing Size: 6 Months

Sleeping: Moved into his own room and can sleep until 7

Teeth: 2

Playing in the exersaucer
Attempting to crawl

Baths (getting better!)
Not being looked at (seriously, this kid wants you to stare at him all day) least they are facing the same direction!

I'll be posting a recap of Chicago sometime this week!

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