Saturday, May 25, 2013

I want to do ALL. THE. THINGS.

I'm sitting at home tonight trying to figure out a training plan.
I have the Chicago Women's Half Marathon in less than a month. My best goal is 2:15, my good goal is 2:20 and my "I still did better" goal is 2:23.  Although I'm satisfied with simply crossing the finish line!
The weekend after I'm doing a Dirty Girl 5k which will be really fun and I'm looking forward to the atmosphere that accompanies that race series!

Quad Cities marathon training starts on June 2nd with the Cornbelt Running Club. Marathon training will then repeat itself immediately after in preparation for the Honolulu Marathon on December 4th.  In between I have the Bix 7 and the Rock n' Roll half marathon in St. Louis.

That's why....


500 yard swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run

on August 4th, right smack in the middle of marathon training.

I also enrolled in the NASM certification self-study course.

AND I still have two kids and a husband.

Surprisingly, I don't feel overloaded- yet.  I still want to do ALL. THE. THINGS.  Every time I see a race flier or a sign at the gym, I want to participate!  What's even harder is that I want Laithe to participate in everything too but I've resolved to only enroll him in two things at a time.  He just finished soccer and tumbling.  He will be doing swimming and tumbling beginning in June.  We're also going to sign him up for a few fun runs because he constantly asks to race. 

At this point I am going to refuse to sign up for anything else (unless of course it fits into my training plan, duh). I am hoping to volunteer at a few races this summer or at least cheer people on!

How do you pick and choose races?  Or activities for your kids?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Months....and a day....

Clothing Size: 6 months (WHAT?!?!)
Major growth spurt!

Sleeping: Still wakes up at 5:30- TOO EARLY!

Anything and everything Laithe does
Our dog Annie, especially when she licks his face

Taking baths
Taking naps

Someday I am going to blog more than once a month.  I'm going to try to start now.
No promises.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quad Cities Distance Classic Race Report

I can proudly say my first half marathon since Kai was born is complete!
Yesterday I ran the Quad Cities Distance Classic.
The course started in front of Augustana College and ended in the Augustana stadium.

My plan on Saturday was to stretch, foam roll, hydrate, and rest.
I didn't really accomplish any of those....Laithe had a soccer game, Andy took him while I stayed home with Kai and cleaned the house.  Then Laithe and I went to packet pick up.  After we got home we quickly ate dinner and then left to go to a River Bandits baseball game.  On our way home from the game Andy suggests TACO BELL, which we never eat- great idea before a race!  Haha.  Of course I couldn't resist and ate two Doritos tacos.
I was really nervous all day on Saturday.  My stomach felt like it was in knots and I kept thinking about the race.  My husbands reassured me by talking about all my training, the fact that the last half marathon I did I was pregnant, and reminding me that I literally have to just put one foot in front of the other.

I set all of my gear out so that I would be ready in the morning.  We've been running in temps that have been in the 60's and 70's but Sunday morning was going to start off in the 30's!  So it was back to running in tights and a light jacket.  I also brought a pair of gloves.

I went to bed around 10:15 and of course I couldn't fall asleep.  I would guess that I got about 4 hours sleep, I kept waking up and checking the clock.  Hopefully now that I have this half under my belt I will lose some of the race day jitters in the future.  I finally got up at 5.  I drank 2 cups of coffee and read the news, trying not to worry about the race (yeah right!).
I ate a Luna bar and a banana and headed out to pick up my friend Jamie.

We got to Augustana at 6:45 to pick up our timing chips.  We had plenty of time to stretch and try to talk away some of the race day nerves.

The race started a few minutes after 7:30.  After about a half mile I was starting to feel warm and wanted to trash my gloves.  I kept them on until I saw a trash can at mile one and I set them on top (because I'm super nice like that).  Right after the first mile is a giant hill.  Ugh, it was a killer.  A lot of people were walking up it, but I managed to run up the whole thing.  Then I felt like I would die.  Haha.  The first two miles of a run are definitely the hardest for me.  Shortly after mile 2 I had to take off my jacket.  That was a little bit of a struggle since I had to pull it off over my hat while trying to hold on to my arm I was already super sweaty so it was sticking to me.  Good thing the guy taking pictures was right there...

I knew that after mile 3 there was a good downhill section and I was already really looking forward to it!  I was getting pretty tired by the time I hit mile 4.  I took my first Gu right before the water station at mile 5 and I could feel a difference almost immediately.  

At that point we were running through downtown Rock Island and I was looking forward to the portion of the course that ran on the Mississippi river front.  As soon as I hit mile 7 I thought "Yay! Only 5 more miles!"  Then the realization hit me that 7 + 5 is not 13.  Hahaha, it was a defeating feeling to say the least. The 7-9 miles were through Sunset Park.  At about 7.5 miles there was a TREE down over the course that you had to climb over or go around. Mile 10 ran on the path directly on the riverfront...the part I had been looking forward to...was so windy and so cold.  There was dust flying everywhere and I was so thankful that I had my sunglasses.  I took my second Gu at the 11 mile marker/water station.  I like Gu, but I think I'm going to try some other things while I'm training for the Chicago Women's Half.  With Gu I feel like I have to stop and drink water or I'll die, maybe the chomps?

During mile 11 all I could think was "This is so stupid, I don't even like running this much."  Then I hit mile 12 and I was happy again.  Especially when I saw people walking back with their medals!

I crossed the finish in 2:26.  I had made my public goal under 2:30, my secret goal was under 2:25, so I was really happy with my time!  After I got my medal I grabbed a cookie and a drink and sat down for a while.  You may be wondering....why wasn't Andy there with the boys?
Kai has been sick and since it was cold I told Andy not to bring the boys out.
Luckily when I got home I got to cross another finish line-
I didn't get emotional crossing the half marathon finish line, but I definitely teared up crossing the one at home!

After stretching and taking a long hot shower, we headed out for Mother's Day brunch where I ate ALL. THE. FOOD.

Good thing my medal matched my outfit!

We finished out our day by relaxing and reading stories-

It was a great Mother's Day and I'm looking forward to running in Chicago next month!

Also....we are registered and our flights are booked to run the Honolulu marathon in December!
Marathon I come!

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