Thursday, April 18, 2013

My 3 year old must be broken.

I haven't been able to blog....or work out (unless my husband is home).....or shower.
Our 3 year old has lost his mind.
It started last Friday with a meltdown over Cheese Its.  Yep, me refusing him copious amounts of orange crackers resulted in a meltdown that lasted for nearly TWO hours.
It was insane but clearly it was a fluke since he never ever acts like that.

Then we went to soccer on Saturday.  
And it happened again.
This time I had to march across the soccer field while carrying him like a football and pulling a loaded down stroller behind me.  
Then I had to shove him in the car and attempt to prevent him from injuring himself or others. he's a brat?  Got it.

Sunday I ran away.
I left at 7am and met with the running club.
I got home around 10:30 and all seemed well on the home front,
but I definitely wasn't sticking around.
I needed a break and the husband agreed that I should go meet my friend Casey and get a pedicure.

Monday we went to the YMCA, as we have done nearly every Monday for the last year and a half.
Before my class even started I got pulled to go down to the kids area because he hit someone.
We talked, he apologized and they let him stay.
That is until 8 minutes later when I got pulled from the class to take him home.

Tuesday he was good.
We didn't leave the house.
He's currently without any living room toys & TV.
So basically that leaves him to look at books all day, play with the dog, or play with his baby brother.

Wednesday we went to the YMCA, like always.  All he had to do was be good for ONE hour so I could work out and we were going to go to Monkey Joe's (indoor inflatable bounce houses and slides- Super awesome when you are 3).  I didn't even make it out the door of the child watch.
Laithe- "I don't want to stay here!"
Me- (attempting to avoid psychotic episode) "Fine, let's go."
Laithe- "I WANT TO STAY HERE!!!"
What crazy?  
So, he acted nuts throwing himself on the floor.
And I had to drag him out while carrying Kai's carseat.
When we got home, he fell asleep....for 4 hours.
As soon as the husband came home, I tried to leave, but another meltdown was on the horizon.
The husband forced me out the door before my sanity was completely lost.
After returning home from yoga there was, of course, one final meltdown to round out our night.
This one was about bedtime.

In all honesty, this has been the saddest, most frustrating week of my life.
It seems that everyone says it's "just a phase" or that he's "jealous of Kai."
If it's a phase, it needs to be over now.  I can handle once in a while meltdowns, I cannot handle feeling trapped in the house.  At this point the husband and I have been trying to rearrange schedules so that we can both fit in workouts.  It's so frustrating to have to reschedule everything because our kid wants to act like a punk.
If it's because he's jealous of Kai....I find it hard to believe that it took nearly 3 months to manifest.
Also, we have told Laithe that we are taking just him places and he's flipped out because he wants Kai with him.

Hopefully he gets fixed soon.


  1. Girl, I can't even begin to imagine this. And I also kind of don't want to - I'm just going to live in my imaginary world where I believe my kid will never do this. ;) Ha! You can remind me of it in a few years.

    Hang in there. That's all I really have!

  2. Hang in there. Sophia is 3 also and they are terrible, just terrible!!!!! She threw a fit the other day bc she didnt finish her dinner and she wanted a snack and we told her no!!! Cry fest. Hang in there


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