Monday, April 29, 2013

Lessons From A Long Run

Yesterday was my last long training run before the Quad Cities Distance Classic on May 12th. I ran 12 miles of the half marathon course with my running club. Part of the course is still flooded and a lot of the course is REALLY smelly from flooding that has receded. It runs from Augustana College, through residential areas, then through downtown Rock Island, and eventually ends up on the river front.

The temperature ended up being in the 70's by the time I was finishing up. The warmest weather I have ran in this year is probably low 60's, so I definitely was not prepared for the heat. I wore the same thing that I have for every training run- running tights, tank top, and a thin pull over. The pull over came off after the first mile. One of the seasoned runners told me that even though the running tights are thin, I am still overdressed and should wear shorts if the temps are expected to be that warm on race day.

Lessons I Learned:
-Figure out an alternative race day outfit, don't assume the weather will be what I've trained in.
-I need body glide when wearing a tank top, I have two places where my arms rubbed on my tank.
-WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!! We always run on a trail which is shady...and it's been cloudy or rainy every other week. I got a little burned yesterday.
-Hydrate beforehand! I should have drank more water and less vodka on Saturday, then I should have drank water prior to heading out. I drank a lot of water/Gatorade on the course (thank you CBRC for being awesome & setting up aid stations for all our runs!). It was too late, I was dehydrated going in so nothing I did could fix it.

Overall it was a good run. 12 miles, 2 hours & 15 minutes, 11:22 pace. I would guess I spent at least 3 minutes waiting at stoplights or waiting to cross a residential street. My race day goal is to be under 2:30. It's not as fast as I had originally hoped for. I still have 8 pounds of baby weight to lose and my muscle to fat ratio is not yet what is was before! Regardless of my weight or my various other excuses for not being faster, I ran 12 miles yesterday and I'm so incredibly lucky that my body is capable of it!


  1. woop woop, CONGRATS YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  2. Aww! Good luck on your race this weekend! And DEFINITELY lose the layers! You want to dress likes it's 20 degrees warmer than it is ;)


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