Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gilda's Run for Laughs 5K Race Report

On Sunday, my friend Becca & I ran the Gilda's Run for Laughs 5K. The Gilda's Run benefits Gilda's Club.  Gilda's Club is named in memory of Gilda Radner, who passed away from ovarian cancer in 1989.  They provide social and emotional support to people living with cancer and their families.  If you or someone you know needs emotional or social support during cancer treatment, check here to find a local Cancer Support Community (CSC) program near you.

I took the kids to packet pickup on Friday, April 5th.  It was a quick in and out at a hotel.  The pick up was far from the race location, but it was easy to find and maneuver.

I ran the Gilda's Run last year with my friend Michelle.  It was the first 5K that I ran since we moved to Iowa and I was just starting to run again.  My 2012 time was 31:57.
I went into the race with the goal of under 32.
3 minutes faster than my goal time a week earlier (my goal was 35 during the Easter Egg Scramble 5K.)
However, I have been logging a lot* of miles and I finally feel like I'm speeding up.

I got up at 6 on Sunday and had 2 cups of coffee along with a Luna bar.  It was 44 degrees so I wore my Nike running pants, a Reebok tank, and a long sleeve Old Navy running top (super thin).
I met Becca at her house a little after 7 and we headed to the store so she could grab a banana.
We passed our running club, they were headed out for a minimum of 9 on the half marathon training schedule.

(Me & Becca)

We got to the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center around 7:45.  We went in and picked up our chips.  We secured them we went back and sat in the car for a few minutes.  Once the fun run participants started lining up we headed back in to use the restrooms.

We lined up 5 minutes before the race start.  There were 656 participants so it did get off to a little bit of a crowded start.  There is a turn .1 miles into the race and everyone was trying to force their way to the side.  There were also a lot of walkers that had lined up at the front, so there was a lot of weaving in and out.  I felt like I was being pushed and after finishing mile 1 I realized it was because I was running at a 9:25 pace!  Whoa, way too fast for me.
I felt like I lost a lot of energy with that first mile.
(and I got new SUNGLASSES!)

My next two miles were 10:26 & 10:37.  I knew after I finished the second mile that I would reach my goal.  I finished with a 31:31, 30/55 for my age group, & 277/656 overall.
So excited!
Although I'm not where I want to be, that was an improvement of 2:49!  That's a huge difference in such a short time.  I feel like I could have pushed it more during the last mile.  I think if I had paid more attention to my initial pace I would have been able to maintain a 10-10:15 for the entire race.  I would prefer to be more consistent and have negative splits.

(Finish line area after the race)

Since it was our long run day we headed out after the 5K to get another 6 on the riverfront.  We crossed over some railroad tracks to get to the trail and ended up getting stopped by the railroad police (who knew?!?).  Apparently it is illegal to walk across train tracks....huh.  The railroad police (legit) took our information- name, address, phone number and issued us a warning.  Apparently the fine is $500-$2000!!!!!  I'll happily take my warning and be on my way!

After our additional 6 we ended up walking for another half mile to find a way over the train tracks!
Main lesson I learned is that after completing the 5K if I am going to do any additional running I need to leave immediately.  Do not sit down!  I definitely lost some of my motivation!

I created a page for my training log- only 5 weeks until the Quad Cities Distance Classic half marathon!

*26 total last week vs. 0 10 weeks ago ha ha


  1. What?! Is this railroad fine some sort of late April Fool's Joke? That is ridic!

    Good job on the race! That is a huge improvement. And I bet your splits would have been more consistent like you wanted if it hadn't been so crowded in the beginning! :)


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