Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Egg Scramble 5K Race Report

On Saturday I ran the first Easter Egg Scramble 5K.
(First annual?  How can you call something annual if its the inaugural race?)
It was located in the Village of East Davenport and had a beautifully late start time of 9am.
I was already impressed with this race when I had to haul both kids downtown to packet pick up on Friday.  The volunteers were so helpful and made it a breeze to get in and out.
They had a few local businesses such as Kona Ice and East Village Cafe at the packet pick up.  Of course Laithe couldn't refuse a grape shaved ice from Kona Ice, so we hung out there a little longer than anticipated!

On race morning I got up at 6.  I started my morning with two super hot, super full cups of Caribou Daybreak coffee and a white chocolate macadamia Luna bar.
I met my friend Becca at her house at 8 and we got to the Village a little before 8:30.  We headed down to the starting line area but decided it was a little too chilly and went to hang out in the car for another 10 minutes.  We braved the cold to hit the port a potties.  Good thing we went when we did.  There were only 3!
We waited in line for a solid 20 minutes.  It was 9:00 on the dot when we finally got to go.  Luckily the race started a few minutes late.  We had time to line up with a few of Becca's friends with a minute or two to spare.

I felt good that morning.  My goal was to come in under 35 minutes (come on!  I did JUST have a baby!  How long can I say that? LOL).  As soon as the race started, I knew I was going to meet my goal.  Then we rounded the first corner and I was confronted with the BIGGEST HILL EVER!  Geez. When I looked at the race map I didn't realize which hill we were going up!  It was giant and I was NOT prepared.  It was a good lesson for me- I definitely need to work on hills.  Shortly after making it up the hill I saw my friend Cecelia.  She is also running the Chicago Women's Half Marathon.  I was going to attempt to keep up with her, but I was still recovering from the hill so we chatted for a second before she took off ahead of me.  My first mile came in at 10:55.  That was with a little bit of walking on the monster hill!

(Thanks Cecelia for noticing this on the Easter Egg Scramble Facebook Page)

A lot of the second mile was spent going down hill which was a nice surprise!  My second mile was 10:48.  I really really wanted to walk for a second but I decided to wait until I hit the river front so at least I would have a pretty view.  Once I stepped on the River Dr. I walked for about 45 seconds so I could get a handle on my breathing.  River Dr. goes directly along the Mississippi.  Mile 3 was 11:32.  I could have pushed it more than I did, but I knew I was going to come in under 35 and alas, there was ANOTHER hill to go up!  :)

I didn't stop my Garmin as soon as I passed the finish line, but my official time was 34:22 with a pace of 11:05/mile.  I was happy with that, but I wish I would have pushed a little more so that I would have came in at a pace under 11!

The first 500 finishers got a medal...and since I was 471 I got one!
The medal also doubles as a bottle opener!


Overall it was a fun race.  They had a lot of activities after, including a breakfast buffet and an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos.  I didn't get to stick around for any of that because I had to meet Andy and the boys at Chick Fil A for a birthday party.
It looked like it would be a lot of fun though!

I will definitely run this race again next year and I might even use the course for some hill training because it definitely kicked my butt!


  1. I am glad u told me about the medal being a bottle opener as well. I might have to start carrying it around. Did u know ur in one of the race's fb photos?

    1. Yeah, I've been wearing mine ever since...kidding...or am I? :)
      Thanks for letting me know about that picture! I didn't notice it!

  2. Yay for meeting your goal and getting a medal! I love finisher medals. I know people think they are lame, but not me!

    I always wonder about the "first inagural" thing too. What if it doesn't happen in year 2?!

    1. Any medal rocks my face off! However, now every time I run Laithe has asks if I got a medal! :)

  3. Great blog, congrats on your race!


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