Monday, March 4, 2013

Stitch Fix

I first heard about Stitch Fix from Haley at The Saucy Apple.

It's an amazing service where a stylist hand picks clothing especially for you.
Say WHAT???!!!!

The way it works:
Sign up at Stitch Fix
Fill out a "style profile"
A stylist selects items for you based on your height, weight, style choices, etc.
They mail you the stylists selections
You get to try on all the items with items you already own.
Decide what you want to keep.
Send back anything you don't want in a pre-paid USPS envelope within 3 days.
Check out online and provide feedback for all your items.

How cool is that????

I was already a huge fan of birchbox for makeup and I love getting things in the mail, so I immediately signed up!  I had to wait about a week after filling out my style profile for an invitation to schedule my first box.  I would consider myself somewhat "style impaired" so I was REALLY excited when I received my box and saw that they include CARDS that show you HOW to dress yourself!

My personal stylist- Jen (I can and WILL say that because I'm a jerk) looked at my blog, Pinterest boards, and style profile for inspiration.  Then she wrote me an adorable note and told me my baby was gorgeous.  I love her. Every single piece was fabulous.

I'll show you the pieces they sent me over the next week or so.
Todays choice was two of my favorite items from the box!
The Gretel Gauzy Knit Top and Space Dye Infinity Scarf.
Prepare for selfie pictures in bad lighting (sorry...I don't really try very hard.)
I'll call this photo "staring into the abyss" 

How great is that shirt? (And how crappy is that lighting?) I couldn't believe how great everything fit since I am still in limbo with my post baby body.

Seriously, check in to it.  If you don't like it, send it back!


  1. Did you decide to keep anything? I had a friend that was doing this for awhile but thought it was too pricey (and the quality too low on some things). I love the first things you showed us!

    1. I kept it all! Items ranged from $38-$98...but you get a 25% discount if you buy all 5! All the items I got this time were great quality, hopefully it stays that way!

  2. I have to check this out! I consider myself style challenged so this would be awesome. I hope they send things to APO.

    1. I looked on their site and they don't ship outside the US yet, maybe send them an email? Technically an APO is the US... :)

    2. Thanks Jess. I'll email them.

  3. Yay, Jess! I'm so glad you got your first fix. And I love how you look in that top! :) Bad lighting shmighting... you look fab.

  4. I am getting my stitch fix box thursday...super excited to see what i get...i found stitch fix via haley too! :-) love the scarf and shirt...and you are too funny "i don't try really hard" that will be me too taking pictures.


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