Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess Who Had A Baby????

Not me.
I'm sure someone else did.

I'm not cranky about it...well, maybe a little...but I really expected a baby by now.
I don't mind being uncomfortable for a few more days, although it feels like there is no end in sight!
What does make me uncomfortable is the things that people say.
I'm pregnant, not you, you don't get an all access pass to talk about my body (with me or with my husband)

Things that people have said....

Lady that works at the gas station by our house: (to my husband)
"Did you try having sex?  You should try that."
Uhhh....just because he buys a Mountain Dew from you does not mean you get to dole out that kind of advice.

Lady I met for the first time ever at book club last night:
"Obviously you are way too small, that's why you're not having a baby yet."
Thank you for your professional opinion random old lady.  Maybe I'll try to hold him in for another month or two.

Someone at my husband's work:
"Have you REALLY tried everything?"
Seriously people, stop!

My mom: (calling her on my way to book club)
Me:  "I'm not in labor yet."
"Oh...I'm on the other line, call me this weekend."
Thanks? Ha ha, I feel like I can't even call anyone because they automatically think I'm in labor.

Suggestions that I have enjoyed:

"Eat pepperoni pizza."
It's my favorite.  Because I'm human.

"Take a nap."
Fabulous idea.

"Did you try shopping?  All that walking might help."
This is way better than the treadmill.

Hopefully next time I post I will have a baby.  If not, I'm making a wreath.  
So, either baby pictures or wreath pictures.
Which ever.


  1. You are hilarious! People seem to think that when you're pregnant its an all access pass for them to dish out their opinions and/or constantly remind you that you are overdue... as if you weren't aware of that. I just figure you'll let us know when he comes :)
    -Shannon P.

    1. Some people say the strangest things, I would never ever ask the gas station lady if she had sex, lol. I will let everyone know, I can't wait to let everyone know! :)

  2. LOL. People are infreakingsane. When I was only 6 months pregnant (and really not that big at all thankyouverymuch), the Hallmark lady told me that I was ready to pop at any minute. I was a bit nasty.

    Hope you have that sweet baby soon. As for the wreath - you know we're making them next Thursday. ;) Maybe THAT will get that baby out once and for all.

    1. I honestly didn't think I would make it to my book club last night...but alas, there I was, still pregnant! If I haven't had him, I might make it! Although I can't imagine being 41 1/2 weeks pregnant, eek!

  3. And obviously I was kidding above. Not real advice. =)

  4. Just to add one to the list... Buy every flavor of Blue Bell! And if that doesn't work, at least you have every flavor of Blue Bell. :)

    1. Ha ha, that is my favorite kind of advice! Their birthday cake kind is amazing!

  5. you are such a tease...I totally thought you did have the baby! i say keep up with the pizza and naps! that is what i did and they were so enjoyable.

    1. STILL PREGNANT!!! Ahhh...I can't eat much more pizza! :)


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