Monday, December 24, 2012

Say Adios to Arthur!

Merry Christmas Eve!

It is finally time to wish our elves farewell!
Over the past few days, Arthur has gotten increasingly lazy-

Day 22: Hiding in the Christmas tree

Day 23: Hanging out in the sled

Day 24:  Arthur brought special Christmas Eve gifts for the family and a letter from Santa

Our gifts include:
Christmas pajamas
Christmas books
Charlie Brown Christmas movie

I wrote Laithe's letter from Santa and used the Santa stationary from Living Locurto
His letter says:

Dear Laithe,

Arthur has has so much fun watching over you the past few weeks!  You have been such a good little boy and you haven't even tried to move him once!  Thank you so much for following directions!

Arthur told me that he is going to miss you so much.  He asked me if he could spend the day with you.  I gave Arthur special magic that allows you to touch him today and today only.  Please be kind while you play with Arthur, you must treat him with care.  Return Arthur to this spot before you go to sleep and I will pick him up tonight.  Make sure you go to bed on time and sleep all night so that I can bring your presents!

Don't forget my milk and cookies!

Merry Christmas!


Then, after an already great start to our morning, our neighbor brought us cinnamon rolls and the husband brought home coffee!  Just in time for breakfast!

Laithe also got a "big brother" package from the lovely Deanna that included this hat 
How cute is that?

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with family, food, and fun!

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  1. Love it. So cute, love the cookie monster hat and Laithe hugging Arthur!


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