Friday, December 14, 2012

Elf on the Shelf, Week 2

We have not been very inventive with Arthur this week.
We had a stomach virus sweep through our house that has thrown us completely off track.
I am just now beginning to sense normalcy in our home again.

Day 8- Marshmallow Bubble Bath

Day 9- Hanging Out

Day 10- Note About Santa Visit

Day 11- Rescue Elf

Day 12- Ceiling Fan With The Chicken
Our dog, Annie, is NUTS about that chicken and putting it on the ceiling fan is the only way we can get it away from her.  If it's anywhere lower she'll get it or whine if it's in a cabinet.
The ceiling fan allows us a break from it while reassuring her that it is still there.  Ha.

Day 13- Tissue Bed

Day 14- On a Shelf!

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