Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Am I the Grinch?

On Christmas Eve, Laithe gave his farewell to Arthur the elf.  
Sidenote:  I read some jackass post the other day where the woman had already planned for her elf to stay all year.
It gave ideas for special things to do on holidays (ie. April Fool's, Labor Day, President's Day, etc.)
Seriously lady?  WTF?

From Laithe and the husband I got a ring with Laithe and Kai's birthstone 
(as long as Kai waits until January!)

And a Garmin Forerunner!  
I'm so excited and I wanted to go running all over, 
however it's in the 20's and snowy
and I am not so brave while 9 months pregnant!

I made cinnamon roll waffles on Christmas Day.
Take Pillsbury cinnamon roll,
place on waffle maker,
Too easy.
And Delicious.

Laithe was so excited for his presents from Santa!

By 9:15 this morning, I had already taken down all of our Christmas decorations.
I've already uploaded our Christmas pictures and added them to our Shutterfly annual photo book.
Does that make me a Grinch?

Honestly, I would have done it all on Christmas if not for pregnancy/food induced laziness.
And...the husband fell down the stairs and was in no mood to do anything other than sit on the couch.
Super scary (and mildly hilarious after realizing he was ok....but not hilarious when he had to get x-rays this morning).

I think taking down all the decorations allow me to "reclaim" my house.
I love everything at first but as December wears on I find myself giving the stink eye to the Christmas tree for being in my way.
The day after Christmas really signifies the New Year to me.
It means I have less than a week to figure out my resolutions and a plan to stick with them.
(For those of you that consistently make a New Year's resolution to "lose weight" or "get in shape" I recommend getting pregnant in April and giving birth the following Janaury, it's an automatic jump start! Haha)

I'll be posting Monday about my New Year's resolutions (as well as the husbands!).
Eventually I will leave my house and finish up my winter emergency kit for the car (maybe Friday?).

I also added a page to the menu above to include books
Check it out and please give me any recommendations you have!


  1. I could NOT imagine doing elf all year..I had a hard enough time remembering three weeks..peeked at your other elf posts and you had some great ideas! kuddos to you for getting so organized so quickly..I too love getting my house back in order but we have one more family Christmas so it must wait...

    1. Agreed, it's rough remembering to move that thing every night! Hope you enjoy your additional Christmas! :)

  2. Aww, it looks like you had an awesome Christmas! Gorgeous ring. I'm partial to garnets since I'm a January baby. :) And that cinnamon roll idea is just genius... that's all there is to it.

    1. Thanks, the husband did a great job! :)
      Best part about the cinnamon rolls...they look like they took a lot of effort! Sneaky!

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog earlier... So I thought I'd check yours out!
    You are definitely not the grinch, many people take their stuff down right away. I, on the other hand, am dreading putting it all back where it came from so I have the opposite problem from you! Ahhhhh! :)

    Either way sounds like you had a great Christmas. You'll love your garmin! I don't know how I ever ran without mine!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to use my Garmin! I've always had to run an exact route so I knew my mile markers, it's going to be amazing to run wherever I want! :)


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