Saturday, November 3, 2012

Would it kill you to wear a little lip gloss?

Friday the Big One and I went to the Great Pumpkin Drop at the Family Museum.
They throw Jack-o-Lanterns off a balcony and it makes a huge mess that the kids love.
Honestly, I didn't even brush my hair before we left.
I ran into 4 people I knew,
which was humiliating in itself.

This morning the husband sent me a link to this picture:
Fabulous, we're in the paper.

Then...if that wasn't BAD enough, I start receiving texts,

Cool!  You're on the front page!

Are you freaking kidding me? There wasn't more important news in the Quad Cities???!!!
Lesson learned, I will forever brush my hair and maybe throw on some lip gloss before I leave the house.

Sidenote: I also learned that nearly everyone I know in the Quad Cities reads the paper. Huh.  I watch the news and read it online, maybe I'm missing out on what the Dispatch has to offer??

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  1. Hahaha, it always work that way! When you don't try to dress up, you see everyone you know and when you look gorgeous, you don't see anyone!

    1. Seriously! When I'm having a great hair day or a true pregnancy glow [instead of the rashes/acne] I don't see anyone or we stay home because there is no where to go!


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