Friday, November 2, 2012

St. Louis & Halloween

It feels strange to not be writing about something having to do with the baby.  As this sciatic nerve pain continues to get worse everyday the baby is constantly on my mind!  Hopefully it will subside but I'm not counting on it.  I've tried everything that has been suggested and nothing seems to be helping.  Wah.

Done whining now.

We were in St. Louis last week visiting.  We went to the zoo
 The Big One got to build a Chimpanzee that he named Giraffe at Build-A-Bear
 He was Batman for Halloween.  This was his first year trick or treating and he was so excited!
A shot of us dressed up and almost ready to go!
I definitely could have done without his sugar rush after, ha ha. 
He was up until 10 that night, yikes.

People say "Home is where the heart is."
After spending a week sleeping in a full size bed with a toddler,
I would have to disagree and say
Home is where your bed is.

I was so glad to get a solid 8 on our king size mattress last night!

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