Friday, November 9, 2012

Please Don't Discover the Dinosaurs

For the last week, during every commercial break we have seen this

Not once, but twice, every single commercial break.
It made Laithe run around the room with wacky waving arms screaming about going to see the dinosaurs.  There was no way out.

When I looked up Discover the Dinosaurs I was surprised to see how expensive it was.  Discount tickets were available Friday only, so of course that's when we went  :)
$13 for me
$9 for the Big One
What. A. Deal.

We got there at 12 on the dot where they proceeded to try to sell me a timeshare for 10 minutes before we were able to go in.

We had completely walked through the exhibit in about 15 minutes.
It was neat and he really enjoyed it.
Then we walked straight into the gift shop...
which was the size of the exhibit.
Fortunately he picked out two little dinosaurs that were $5 total.

They also had bounce houses, mini golf, face painting, etc. for $5 each.  
What a rip off.

His toy dinosaurs?  One of the legs fell off 8 minutes later when we were in the fabric store.  

Have you ever been to a great traveling exhibit?

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