Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last night I read a blog post on Diving for Pearls that would make any parent tear up.
It talks about how so many people focus on the negative of having children, 
"Just wait until they are teenagers."
I remember when Laithe was a baby a lot of people said 
"Just wait until he can talk back."
Implying that anytime after the first year of a child's life there was nothing to look forward to other than attitudes?? 

99% of the time,
Laithe is very laid back and easy to get along with (with me and with others).
The other 1% of the time?
Yikes.  Watch out.

This morning at his playgroup, he had a meltdown of EPIC proportion.  It was insane screaming and crying to the point where he couldn't even catch his breath.
A little girl took a piece of fake bread from a fake sandwich he had made...
and he's two.  <----That's the main thing.

It's hard to focus on all the joy a child brings to your life when they are acting like something from the exorcist.  
However, it's those times you need to remember it most.
So take a look at that little psycho screaming in the corner and remember just how lucky you are.

Seriously, try.
It helps keep your brain from melting.

Give me a break, mom

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  1. He's so cute with the sweetest disposition. You are truly BLESSED!


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