Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Table Centerpiece: Dare to DIY: Entertain

As I got out a few Christmas decorations today,
the Big One kept saying "Happy Christmas Time!"

He was so excited to start preparing our house for Santa.
Last year we put up minimal decorations,
he was at the age where everything that went up had to come down.
Example: We only had ornaments on the top half of our tree.
We went to visit family for Christmas last year,
so it felt like having minimal decorations was appropriate.

We will be staying home this year, since it will be less than a month until my due date.
I won't technically be "entertaining" for Christmas,
however isn't "entertaining" a child what Christmas decorations are really all about?

Our best joint accomplishment today was this centerpiece for our dining room table:

Super easy.

Take a gold sled and stuff it full of things until it looks cute.
The Big One was shoving feathers in there and I wish I would have taken a picture of it!
We agreed to disagree on the feathers however I was able to persuade him to take them out and run around the house with them instead.

I also got this Santa and advent calendar at the Festival of Trees on Friday.
I've been searching for a wooden advent calendar,
when I saw this one it was love at first sight.

(with a shadow box I made last year)

(how it currently looks)

I bought this shadow box on sale last year at the Container Store.
Then I spray painted the background with glitter spray paint,
glued ribbon & an ornament inside
and threw some tiny ornaments in the bottom.
It took about 10 minutes to make
and is really cute!
Last year I had it on the entry table (where the advent calendar is now)
so I'm searching for somewhere to put it.

Once again, so happy to be linking up with 
Dare to DIY!


  1. The centerpiece looks great! Thanks for joining the Dare to DIY. Happy Christmas Time. :)

  2. Lots of great vignettes. I really like the advent calendar! And the center piece.

    1. Thanks! I am in love with the advent calendar! So happy I found it!

  3. The shadow box is so pretty! I love the bells at the bottom. Did you have fun at Festival of Trees? I love going every year.

    Thank you so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!

    1. Thanks Kim! I did have fun, it was my first time going. My mom & I went the day after Thanksgiving. My favorite was looking at all the wreaths! So many amazing ideas!

  4. I love what you did with the shadow box; it turned out very cute.

  5. Love the centerpiece, and the shadow box idea is genius. Love it! Good luck with the new little one . . . it's probably going to be a hectic couple of weeks with Christmas and a birth, huh? I hope everything goes well! Thanks so much for joining in!

    1. Thanks Rachel! The next 6 weeks or so will definitely be trying...I was thinking that our Christmas decorations may still be hanging out in February! Haha

  6. Love that shadow box!! I think it's so cute!

  7. Such pretty Christmas items. That is a really cute advent calendar and I love that shadow box you made!
    Good luck with the last weeks of pregnancy!!

  8. The advent calendar is darling! And what a great idea for the shadow box!

    I was 8 months pregnant during Christmas 2009 (with my son), and I hope you can enjoy it and get some rest! I can't imagine doing it all with another little one running around...God bless :)

  9. Wow, these are pretty fabulous and really stunning! That advent calender is wonderful. i love what you did on the sleigh and truly can make a great centerpiece. Allow me to include that to my board of Christmas table decorations in Pinterest.


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