Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 5- Clothing

What clothing will my baby really need?
I have a tote FULL of clothes that the Big One never wore,
so many cute outfits!
Luckily, the Little One is due 2 days after the Big One's birthday, so they will have been born in the exact same seasons...hopefully growth will be about the same so I know the timeframe to expect for clothing.

My essential items:

Footie Pajamas

These are the absolute greatest thing ever.  Since the Big One was a January baby, he lived in these for the first 6 weeks (the dreaded time when people scare you into thinking your baby will catch every germ).  We only left the house for doctors appointments.  Although we lived in the warm climate of Texas, I think footie pajamas will suit Iowa just fine.
I sent a friend to the store when the Big One was a week old.  I asked her to check the clearance rack for 0-3 month.  She scored 5 pair of footie pajamas for 2 bucks each!  So what if it was February and my kid was wearing Santa pjs?  It worked!

How cute is this??  It's from The Pat a Cake Baby
However, you can buy Gerber Onesie 4 packs for about $10 each.  Me experience with Gerber is that they run smaller than most brands, so you might want to up size.
Onesies are great for warmer weather.  Diaper? Onesie? Your kid is dressed for the day.  The Big One is 2 years 9 months and rarely wears pants at home.  Ha.


Obviously a kid is going to have to wear pants some day.  The vast majority of the Big One's jeans were/are from Old Navy or Crazy 8.
They are reasonably priced and are durable!


Babies ALWAYS needs socks and hats or old ladies will give you the stink eye.
Even if it's 100 degrees.

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