Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 31- Reflections

Now that I am going to be a second time mom, I am already well aware of the fact that you can never be too prepared to have a baby.  There will always be things you need, want, or wish your child could have.  However, we walk a fine line between necessity and overabundance.

A friend recently called and asked if I had any newborn clothes I wouldn't be using.  First instinct is to say that I don't know.  I don't know how long Kai will be able to fit in newborn clothes.  I don't know if he will stay in footie pajamas or if he will need his three piece suit for the Presidential inauguration.  Although, as I think back 3 years ago to when the Big One was born a truth suddenly presents itself.  He will most likely fit in newborn clothes for a week or two.  I have PLENTY of clothes, I should share.  There is no way we need as much as we have and thus a lesson presents itself:

Too much is too much any way you look at it.

Whether you are a newborn or ninety, two much stuff makes things more complicated than they already are!

My 31 days of blogging has been fun, exciting, challenging, difficult, stressful, and overwhelming at times.  But, too much is too much and this momma needs a teeny tiny itsy bitsy break for a day.  See you back on November 2nd!

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