Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 3- Done Painting!

We got home this afternoon and I was excited to get painting!
Really, I was getting really anxious about the final result & I wanted to be finished!
It took 20 minutes to put the second coat on.
The Big One decided he was over painting and played 'inja turtles instead.
Hero in a half shell.

After 2nd coat....DRY FASTER!

Since I already had the outlet cover off,
I added a little history for someone to discover.
Kai Gregory's
first room
Jan 2013

Hopefully he doesn't come sooner!
And he sure as hell better not come later!!!!

After a couple hours, I started pulling off tape...just to check...
and it was all dry!

The Big One helped me pull tape off,
which he thought was super cool.

Final result-


Amazing!  I touched up a few tiny places, it turned out great.
I was worried because the wall is textured,
but the tape provided a 100% seal.

Total cost:

Better Homes & Gardens Quart of Paint $8.97
Tape $3.97
Paint brush $3.97


Obviously I can use the brush again.  I still have half a roll of tape and 1/4 a quart of paint.

Total time start to finish: About 2 1/2 hours!
Be sure to check out The Tall Chick's tutorial!

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