Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 20- Closet Dividers

We went and got all the goodies to make closet dividers at Hobby Lobby.

Materials needed:
Door Hangers
Craft Paint (I used the khaki left over from the letters)
Paint brush/sponge
First, I painted the door hangers.
 I let them dry for approximately 45 minutes.
 Next, I hot glued the elephants onto the hangers.
 Added the stickers.
 Almost done...
 I cut a piece of ribbon about 8"
and used it to hang the divider up.

All together hands on time was 5 minutes.
Super easy.
Total time, 50 minutes (after letting paint dry).

(excluding the paint and ribbon that I had)

Elephants- $2.68 (.67 ea)
Door Hangers- $3.16 (.79 ea)
Stickers- $1.49
Total $7.33 or $1.83 each

Obviously, the elephants and stickers are not necessities.  
I was originally going to cut out a onesie shape out of cardstock, however I was suckered into buying the elephants by the Big One.
If you have good penmanship you could write the sizes yourself,
I don't.  :)

Tomorrow, we hang finally hang clothes!

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  1. I love this idea! Now I'm thinking about doing this for our little one's closet.

    1. You should! Looking forward to reading your little one's birth story, sometime in the next week maybe??? :)

    2. I certainly hope so! I am five days past my due date . . . and very ready for this little one to make his/her appearance. I'm trying to be patient, but it's quite challenging when I'm so anxious to meet our child.


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