Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 16- Recovering Glider Part 2

I thought so many things about recovering this glider would be frustrating,
but it actually turned out to be a fairly easy project.
Would Martha Stewart be proud?
Nah, she'd be embarrassed.
Would my 8th grade home ec teacher be proud?
Hell yeah she would.
Also the woman at JoAnn's who taught a beginners sewing class, her exact words were
"Well, we usually try to sew seams in a straight line"
In your face lady.

Typically I believe my crafts/projects should be,
"How to for the lazy girl"

 I took off the back cushion and traced it, leaving a little bit extra for a seam allowance.
Hope this works, I don't have anymore fabric!
The Big One took some great pictures while I was cutting out the fabric.
I sewed around the edges & I left about 8" open on one side to shove the cushion in.
I crammed it in there, then sewed up the side. 
I also recovered the arms, essentially using the same nonsense process.
Perhaps eventually I will know what I am doing without winging it and be able to come up with a meaningful tutorial.

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