Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 13- Laundry...

It rainy and super gross today.
We have watched 8 episodes of Rocko's Modern Life
and taken 2 naps.
I went to the store and came home with: 2 Jack's Pizzas, Double Stuff Oreos, white chocolate chips, and Oreo Birthday Blast Ice Cream.

I had the husband bring all the 0-3 month clothes in from our storage room so that I could get started washing them.
Or at least think about it.
This is what I have to wash.

Good thing I labeled these "Boy."  If not I may have confused them with our pretend "Girl" clothes....

This is all the random 0-3 stuff.
Now to track down all those glorious footie pajamas!
The little one gets ONE bottle of the good stuff.
Once we know he has no allergies,
he gets junk like the rest of us!

I also bought more of this:
I'm going to attempt to recover our glider.
We shall see.

I'm becoming obsessed with this argyle print.

Now I'm going to go eat all the Oreo Birthday Blast ice cream.

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