Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days to Prepare for Baby, Day 1

If you read my post earlier today, then you already know today has been one of the worst days ever!
I am beyond exhausted.
The Big One has been sick all day.

My main goal for today was to clean out the room.
Baby Kai's room was the husband's "Man Cave."
Then it was decided that it would be Kai's room.
Then we used it for storage.
Then I moved a bunch of Laithe's junk in there.
Then Laithe moved a bunch of his junk in there.
Then the husband kept putting junk in there.
It's crazy.

 So I cleaned all that junk up.  A lot of it just needed to be moved to the closet,
such as the high chair, the diapers (SEE! I prepared something!), and a couple boxes of clothes (that I will be tackling at some point!).

And I was left with this.

So I got to work cleaning the room.
All the furniture, baseboards, windowsills, and windows.
Our windows are amazing.
The top and the bottom both fold in, 
so I don't have to perform acrobatics to clean a window.

We put up some fall decorations and I keep seeing this guy out of the corner of my eye.
He's super scary and sneaky.
Gets me EVERY time.

I put painter's tape up on the places I need to cover up nail holes.
I put the crib back together
and raised it to the highest setting,
which resulted in some tool slinging.

I begged the Big One to get in the crib so I could take a picture.
I tried every bribe I could think of
and nothing worked.

Whew.  Glad today is almost over!

See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. Jess, YOU got a lot accomplished. Mom and Gram would be impressed with the window washing and baseboard cleaning!!!!!
    It's looking good. Hope Laithe is feeling better.

  2. Great job! I still need to get our baby's room organized. It's a bit chaotic right now. I still have about two-and-a-half weeks before my due date.

    1. Are you going to share some pictures of the baby's room? I hope so! Of course the closer it gets, the more chaotic it is! At least you don't have a to pack a hospital bag. :) That's one less thing to worry about!


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