Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Day to Prepare for Baby, Day 29- Diaper Bag for the Hospital

I have officially moved into the baby brain stage of pregnancy. Today I left my backpack in the parking lot of the zoo. Not just my backpack, but my wallet (!!!!!) and more importantly-my only set of car keys (!!!!!!!!!). Luckily some wonderful person called me and then turned it in.

My sciatic nerve also hurts so bad I want to punch something. Seriously, how am I supposed to get around for the next 11 weeks? I can't sleep, it even hurts to walk! Ugh.

Anyway, my hospital bag for baby will include:
-Going home outfit (Something WARM for Iowa in January!)
-Mittens (so razor blade baby nails can be kept under wraps)
-Blanket to cover the carseat
-Lots of extra room for diapers & such from the hospital

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