Thursday, September 27, 2012

Superheroes Don't Get Carsick

The Big One gets carsick.
Not everyday and not every long trip,
but on occasion-
in the morning,
when we're going somewhere really fun,
and he's super excited...
he gets sick
and we have to go home.

Today we were ALMOST to the zoo.
Less than a mile.
He was heartbroken and cried the whole way home.
So, we're going to the zoo tomorrow instead.

I felt really bad for him,
so while he was watching a little tv & relaxing on the couch,
I decided to make him a surprise.

Superhero Mask

I googled "Superhero Mask Template" and was directed to first palette printables.
The templates were exactly what I was looking for,
extremely simple!
I printed out two different templates and then got the following materials:

fabric (ended up using about 12x10)
fusible interfacing
elastic (I had 1/4 inch on hand, but I actually ended up cutting it in half)
straight pins

*Yeah...that's stitch witchery in the photo. Why? Who the hell knows, but you don't need it*

 Cut out a square of fabric and fusible interfacing (large enough for the mask template).
Iron the fusible interfacing and fabric together. 
*I only used the fusible interfacing to make the mask a little bit stiffer, it really isn't necessary if you want to be a slacker*  :)

Pin your mask template to the fabric/fusible interfacing.
*Or use a fabric pencil..which I couldn't find...ANYWHERE*

Then cut out mask & hole punch for elastic space.

Go wrap elastic around your kids head while they watch tv.
"What are you doing? Go away from me!"

Tie desired amount of elastic onto mask.

I made him put on his Batman pajamas before I would give him his surprise.  There is a cape on the back and he insists on wearing them out places.

"What's my surprise? I don't want to lay down!!!!"

Here's your mask, punk.

Since he loved that one so much and ran around the house screaming "I am really Batman!" I decided to make the other template I printed also.

Exact same process.

This one is by far the favorite!

Total cost, $0.
I seriously had all that junk on hand.

Here's hoping Superheroes don't get carsick!

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  1. Super Cute, Like the 2nd one best too!!!!!!!

  2. Aww, that would cheer me up too! I need to channel some of your creativity for Halloween.

    I was just in Davenport on Sept 1 for a beautiful wedding at the Renwick Mansion! I wish we could have stayed there longer. It looked like there was a nice running trail along the river.

    1. How fun! There is a great running path and an AMAZING bike path. They've been doing a lot of construction by the river so we haven't been going very often. The husband works on the arsenal, so he gets a river view every day when he runs, now that I'm 6 months pregnant I have to stick to treadmill running. I ran the Chicago Women's Half Marathon in June and loved the lake view, I'll definitely be signing up again next year.

  3. That is way too cute! I'm gonna have to make some for my kids, when I get a spare minute. :)

    1. Thanks Gwen! He's still loving them, it was time well spent! :)


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