Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rise and Dine!

On Sundays, I make breakfast for Monday through Friday.
I like being able to make the husband a hot breakfast every morning,
but I do not like getting up early.  Don't judge.

One of his favorite things is 
"egg muffins."
I only have to cook once and he can have a hot breakfast everyday before work...
(without waking me up)

Egg Muffins

You will need:

12 eggs
12 pieces of turkey bacon (or regular bacon, what am I? Your mother?)
1 cup of swiss cheese (or cheddar if you prefer)
non-stick cooking spray
muffin pan

Preheat oven to 350 degrees  

Whisk eggs together in a large bowl.
Spray muffin pan with a thick coat of non-stick cooking spray.
*If I have dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I will spray my pan there.  That way I never have to clean that junk off the counter or stovetop!!*
Sure, it looks weird...but it works!

Cook turkey bacon according to directions.
Cut up one slice in each place.

Pour eggs over the top of bacon, filling each spot 3/4 full.

Add cheese over the top

Throw in your preheated oven and eat leftover bacon for the next 14-16 minutes.
Once a toothpick comes out clean, you are good to go.

Let them cool for about 5 minutes.  Then, use a spoon to scoop it out and place in individually portioned bags.  The husband eats 2 for breakfast.

Heat 45-60 seconds in microwave on plate or paper towel.
They will keep in the refrigerator for a week.

They are also great for a snack!

Nutritional information:
Serving size: 1 egg muffin
Makes 12

Calories 117.5 
Fat         8.25g
Protein  9.75g


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