Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch pictures from today!
Husband the Pumpkin King greeting people as they pull in.  Yikes.

They missed me so much!

Giddy up!

Husband:  Why don't you get a really big pumpkin?
Laithe:  I only want a LITTLE ONE!

Hold these while I run away.

They have baby chicks to hold.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to hand a two year old a baby anything obviously doesn't know about their HULK like strength!

Husband: He's going to break this chick's neck!  
(note the terror in the chick's eyes)

No worries, all survived the pumpkin patch.

Now to finish up some school work and write out our schedule for the week!
Looking forward to the 31 day challenge of getting ready for the little one.
I'm thinking we need to make caramel pretzel crunch brownies to help us focus.

Also, if you have 2 seconds, please stop by
and vote for me, #51-Superhero Masks
I will thank you with brownies.

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  1. Wah! I want to hold a baby chick!

    That pic of your son on the horse is TOO CUTE!!! :)


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