Saturday, September 29, 2012

People of the Garage Sale

We had our long talked about garage sale today.
We've been accumulating for the last year,
but always find an excuse to not follow through.

We were definitely spoiled by Texas,
our last garage sale there we made over a thousand dollars!
Today we made an unbelievable $26 after we deducting the money for signs, stickers, and tables.

However...we got to see some real gems today,
including the woman who walked around our garage with a cigarette in her hand.
You know when you become a mom...who's maybe almost 30....and you look in your closet and see tube tops or spaghetti straps and think
"Self, maybe you are getting a little too old for these clothes, it's time to say goodbye"
I said goodbye to those clothes
and a woman who was my mom's age said hello to them. Eeek.

Anyway, the goal was to clean out the garage and get rid of junk.
Once Salvation Army comes to pick up the rest next week,
our garage will officially be junk free!

The before shots from yesterday:

Here's the before w/garage sale prep:

So much clothing!

My prep including hanging or folding and placing my clothes on tables.
The husbands prep was opening two foot lockers...

Mom, do I seriously have to be up this early?
At least he's a good salesman:

The after

The Big One trying out the Sit & Stand

Definitely that last garage sale I will ever ever have!

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  1. Garage sales seem like so much work for sometimes little return! :( I love hearing stories about the people who come though, and the still bartering ;)

    1. Ugh, they are so much work! The people we saw definitely made it worth it though!


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