Sunday, September 23, 2012

File Memory Box

I always have trouble throwing things away...until I see an episode of Hoarders and I want to purge everything in my house!  In the past, the husband and I have FAILED at choosing how many photos to purchase when getting professional pictures of the Big One.  
Extra pictures from 18 month session!

A few months ago I pinned this idea from brown paper packages.  I love the idea of putting all our pictures (as well as paintings and other things I would like to keep) into one file box.  It's also perfect because it will grow with him and I can add folders as needed.  

First, I bought a file box on sale at Wal-Mart last week for $2. 50.

Second, I added "Laithe"with adhesive vinyl that I cut out using my Silhouette
I only had ugly green hanging folders....but I had cute black and white file folders that I bought at Staples a while back.  
I took the hanger off of the green folders...
Then attached the hanger to the black and white folders using a hot glue gun.  I covered the metal hanger with a strip of cardstock so that the metal wouldn't catch on any of the pictures in the file.  I also made labels that said "One" and "Two." 

Finished product!

Easy and cheap organization!  Plus, the Big One got to be a "Big Helper" and put his pictures in the folders.  Win-Win.


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