Friday, September 28, 2012

Assault at the Zoo, Pumpkin Painting, and Garage Sale Prep

We woke up this morning and headed out to the zoo!
The whole way the Big One said, "I'm not going to get sick today!"
And he didn't, so all was good in the world.

We went to buy our tickets and
it was FREE day!

Our first stop was to feed the coy.

Then to feed the goats.'s that kind of zoo.
Pigs, chickens, horses, we're not fancy around here.

This is the point that some lady pushed the Big One out of the way with HER KID just as I was taking a picture.
Yep, the picture shows it all.
I was going to post it here, but I figured I would be the bigger person...and I maybe already posted it on my personal Facebook page,
so hopefully someone will kick her.
If we ever see them again, it's ON.

We went by a little farmer's market when we left
and picked up some pumpkins to paint.

Laithe kept trying to give the lady the 30 cents he had,
she kept giving him gourds and his money back,
so he walked away with quite a haul.

He picked out 4 to paint and got to work.

While I worked on this frightening garage...

Can you see Annie?  She's still lost in there somewhere.

We're having a garage sale tomorrow, so most of it is already straightened up.
Thanks to the husband for leaving his motorcycle right in the middle,
it made it SUPER easy to move things around.

Beautiful painted pumpkins.

Wish us luck at our garage sale tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!
On Monday, I will start a 31 day challenge preparing for the baby!

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  1. Fun @ the zoo.
    Good Luck w/ that garage, can't wait to see the after shots!!!!


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