Friday, September 21, 2012

Art Class

On Fridays, Laithe goes to an "Art Class."
There are typically 5-6 different stations set up around the room,
most involve paint and huge messes.
Before class:

 (I did NOT get messy, but he wanted to take a picture of me)

Painting during class:
 Shaving cream and paint mixed together:
Then he typically ends up looking something like this
His shirt and pants were covered in paint and shaving cream.  He also enjoyed rubbing BINGO markers all over his face!
He's so proud of how messy he is!

We've been working on a project in his room to display his artwork.
He typically brings home 4-6 different pictures each week.
We have 3 more clipboards to hang.
We are going to paint them and also hang painted letters over it that simply says "ART"
Hopefully we'll finish it up next week,
along with another project to store the artwork until we have enough to scan it and create it into a book.


  1. He did! He loves it and talks about it all week until we go!


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